Back - to - Eden is a non-profit ministry that promotes a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Back - to - Eden has a twofold meaning:
1. Pointing back to the garden of Eden
2. Pointing forward to the restored garden of Eden

When we read the Bible it starts with the garden of Eden and when we come to the end of the Bible we can see the garden of Eden restored.
In the middle of the Bible we find the way (the GPS; God's Plan of Salvation) of how God is leading us back to our lost Eden home.

Back - to - Eden ministry offers the following services:
- Health Presentations
- Cooking Classes
- Massage and Hydrotherapy
- Nutrition Consulting / Menu Planning
- Relationship & Emotional Restoration
- Overcome Addictions
- Grocery Store tours
- Natural Soap & Skin Care products
- End-time living Presentations
- Gardening
- Spiritual/Bible Presentations
- Health & Spiritual Books

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